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Why Outsource Your Hosting

Why Outsource Your Electronic File Hosting

  • Your IT people can concentrate on business IT issues, rather than server and internet problems. Leave those to professional server people.
  • Save time accessing files
  • Reduce your occupancy costs
  • Comply with the various laws mandating privacy protection, such as FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, etc
  • Limit access to your files to only those who have permission.
  • Federal regulations such as HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley and FACTA mandate the protection and limited access to confidential files and documents. What better way to limit the access to your secure papers than to remove the confidential documents and replace them with electronic files? Just like record storage and paper shredding, this is now part of a professional record management solution.

You Save Time and Money Accessing Files

Improve access time to find your important files once they have been professionally scanned and indexed by a member of Document Scanning Companies of America.

Having digital images on-line, helps reduce time to respond to questions (eliminate telephone tag by answering questions while the customer is on the phone). Your overall customer service should improve

Occupancy Costs Can be Reduced

Whole files rooms can be scanned and stored at professional file hosting companies. Then the information can be placed in professional long term storage reducing your occupancy costs.

Compliance With HIPAA - FACTA

Files stored online can enhance the security of your confidential records by restricting the accessibility of the private, confidential files to those who are authorized to have access to the data.

The Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule from the Department of Human Services, specifically requires "securing records under lock and key.…and limiting access….."

The Disposal Rule of FACTA, requires entities covered by the rule to take "reasonable measures" to protect against unauthorized access to or use of information.

Lost and Misfiled Records Reduced

Files which have been scanned and are stored by a professional hosting company can reduce the cost associated with lost, misfiled and checked out files.

Multiple People Can Access the Files at One Time

Once your files are digitally scanned, you will be allowed to have more than one person have access to a file at one time.

Disaster Recovery

If your organization should fall victim to a natural or man made disaster, you want to be completely up and running with no lost data as fast as possible. Recovering from a disaster is no time to start rebuilding your data from hard copy. Proper media backup can shorten the recovery time. Off-site backup is vital to properly protect your company

Typical Requests For Services

i need hipaa compliant EMR storage. MY platform is e clinical works. My practice is closing. Can you assist? thanks, frank
We were referred to you by Dr.
Do you do scanning and hosting of the documents? if so what is the pricing?
Please call me in regards to a mass scanning of patient charts for EMR purposes.
I exploring options for storing our archived charts, including electronic mediums such as disks or a server. We also have plans to implement and EMR within the 1-2 years and will need to convert active charts to the new system. Please provide info